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About us

Tokyo Fixers is a one-stop production service company for your film projects in Japan.
We are part of Gazebo Film, a Japanese film production company with extensive experience filming both in Japan and overseas.

We understand that collaborating with a great team of fixers is essential to a project’s success. We go beyond simply fulfilling our client’s requests. In addition to ensuring a smooth filming process, we treat your project as our own, working passionately by your side from beginning to end, devoting ourselves to bringing your project to its full potential.


Tokyo Olympics 2020

(※ held in 2021 in Tokyo)

We partnered with News10, Australia to support their Olympic broadcasts.
It was an honor to be involved with Tokyo 2020, the Olympics in Japan.

What we can do

Just tell us, what you need.
Everything?  No Problem.

Need a Japanese perspective on your project?
 We’re here to help.

Japan is filled with wonderful locations yet to be discovered by international audiences.
Let us help you find some of them.

From historical to cultural, we can provide contextual research for your project’s creative inspiration.

(Scheduling & Budgeting)
We’ll prepare an optimal schedule and budget to ensure filming is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

We’ll take care of the paperwork and all other details so that you can focus on shooting your project.

Need acting talent? From professional actors to extras, we’ve got you covered.

We understand if the food is great, everything is going well.
From bento box delivery to full service catering, we can arrange whatever plan fits your budget.

Remember, we make films ourselves and have a great crew of experienced specialists.
Our expertise as a production company makes it easy for us to mobilize all the film staff you’ll need.

Let us make your travel efficient and trouble-free. We can handle logistics for any budget.

We work with a broad range of translators who can help break through language barriers encountered at any stage of production.


A Slice of Life with COVID-19

A documentary series

”A Slice of Life with COVID-19”

We produced this documentary series as our presentation.
Research, shoot, editing, and sound mixing. The whole process was done by our members.

Do you have a project that needs to be filmed in Japan?
Until the restrictions on travel to Japan are lifted, We'll be able to film/interview on your behalf.
Please feel free to contact us.

Locations in Japan

Behind the scenes



CEO:Maki Arai

2-21-22 Kitazawa, Suite 401, Setagaya-ku
Tokyo 155-0031 Japan
Tel : +81 3-5787-5660


TOKYO FIXERS LLC is part of the Gazebo Film Inc. group.


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